Ah ha moments for girls perfecting their golf game.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Now that the blustery, rainy days of Autumn are here, the golf course will be out of bounds for most of us. But there are many things you can do to improve your game during the bad weather....

1. Visit your Health Club to work on CARDIO, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.

2. PRACTISE regularily at the Driving Range.

3. Take a MONTHLY GOLF LESSON at the Driving Range.

4. Sign up for some YOGA or Pilates lessons to improve FLEXIBILITY.

5. WALK or lightly JOG regularily to help with CARDIO.

6. WATCH golf pros on TV to help your own game.

7. READ golf books to pick up more tips.

8. Encourage your FRIENDS to take some golf lessons, so that by the spring, you will have more friends to play with!!!

9. RESEARCH ideas for a golf getaway that you and your mate can take next year. This is a great goal to work towards. It will make weekly sessions at the driving range more enjoyable!!

10. INVEST in a pair of rubber golf shoes, waterproof clothing, warm golf gloves and brave the elements. Atleast the course won't be crowded!!