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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Golf in the Now

Probably one of the best tips I can offer a fellow rookie golfer is the powerful advice of always being in the present when you’re playing golf. Especially when you’re at the first tee and have to tee off in front of other golfers impatiently waiting for their turn. Especially when you have to make that crucial chip on to the green. Especially when you're on the green and have to make your final putt. Don’t worry about your financial situation; don’t plan what’s for dinner; don’t dwell on your daughter’s latest problem at school. Instead, take a deep breath and empty your mind. Repeat your favourite mantra. As I mentioned before, mine is "smooth as silk". Find a calming phrase that will help you focus on your swing. All you should be focusing is on that little white ball. Take it from me.

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