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Monday, July 28, 2008

Warming Up for Golf

I have two back stories for you: One is my girlfriend, Yukiko, who played golf on a crisp autumn day in Vancouver last year without stretching beforehand. The next day as she arrived at the airport en route to catch a plane for Japan, she found to her horror that she could not get out of the taxi. Her husband ended up cancelling their trip and heading for the emergency at the nearest hospital. She was in bed recuperating for two weeks.

The second story is my husband who began the golfing season with three days in a row of driving range, and two games. The fourth day he went to water the plants on the balcony just before preparing to leave for the local pitch and putt with me. Instead of pitching a golf ball, he pitched sideways onto the floor of the patio. I found him in agony, unable to move. I quickly called our golfing friends who rushed over with a physio friend in tow. After 30 minutes of manipulation, we managed to prop him up against a barstool. A week of daily chiropractic therapy was needed to recover and then another week of daily stretching and back exercises before my husband could move normally.

Moral of story: Take ten minutes of overall stretching before you play and also after you finish your round. Your back will be much healthier if you do this. Happy Golfing!!

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